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I am a school teacher, and often only have books for sale on Ebay during the summer break, and other holidays.  We normally have 500+ books listed on at any given time.  However, I often find myself unable to part with books from my noir fiction collection.  While the noir genre is my passion, I don't sell many noir books directly.

In addition to the collectible and out-of-print books we offer for sale, you will find numerous links on our site which will take you directly to  As an Associate, we offer this service to our customers who desire a new copy, or a reading copy of a book, rather than or in addition to, a collectible edition.  This site is thematically based, and you can rest assured when you click on an associate link, you will be directed to an item that is noir-related, and not a modem or a get-rich-quick scheme.

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We also are associated with and  Through these associates we sell film noir posters and stills.  

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If you are looking for a vintage, collectible or first edition noir books, or a book that is out of print, check first with your local used, rare or out-of print bookseller.  You may pay a slight premium, but the personal connection and the ability to handle the physical book is well worth it.  If you can't find a book locally, I would advise checking the following sites: is the premier auction site on the web for collectibles.  If you can't find it here it is probably exceedingly rare or valuable.  I have been actively engaged with Ebay for several years now, both as a buyer and seller.  Overall, my experiences with Ebay have been very positive.  However, caveat emptor.  Remember to carefully read the listing, check the feedback, and think twice before making a bid. have also had mostly positive experiences buying books from  I search this site first when looking for a reading copy or reference copy of a book.  This is probably not the best choice for finding a collectible or first edition copy, but you can get lucky.  Once again, caveat emptor. associate links you will find on this site often include used books.  While I do not receive a commission from for used books you purchase from links generated by this site, I still encourage you to check out these links.  Books are beyond monetary value, and preserving out-of-print books in any fashion is a cause that I support.  I have not had as much experience dealing with's used dealers as I've had with other sites, but the purchases I have made have been satisfactory.  And still let the buyer beware. and sites provide database search capability for thousands of used and rare book dealers around the world.  Remember that the prices on these sites are seller-based, and not market-based, like Ebay.  But if you are having a hard time finding a title, you should check these sites. adds a 20% premium to the price of the book, but many dealers list their books on the other sites as well, so do your research and you may save money.  These are all reputable venues, but you are still dealing with individual dealers, so stop to think before you submit your credit card number.

There are web site promotion experts who tell me that I am foolish to link to sites that are my competition.  But my goal is to provide a site that is both a one-stop shopping center for noir-related items, and a comprehensive encyclopedia of noir.  If you find this site helpful or useful in any way, and want to purchase a new item, I would appreciate your using one of the links on this site.  Yes, this means I get the commission, and that helps me maintain the site.

If you would like information about pricing ranges for noir fiction titles, or bibliographic data, feel free to contact me at,  I check my email regularly, and will do my best to get back to you promptly.

My area of expertise is books, and not movie memorabilia.  I don't feel qualified to recommend dealers, or to give advice on film noir memorabilia and collectibles.  But if you do email with a question about this sort of item, I will do my best.  



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Click here to buy posters!
Click here to buy posters!



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