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bulletOur Government (Knopf, 1930)
bulletThe Postman Always Rings Twice (Knopf, 1934)
bulletSerenade (Knopf, 1937)
bulletMildred Pierce (Knopf, 1941)
bulletLove's Lovely Counterfeit (Knopf, 1942)
bulletThree of a Kind (Knopf, 1943)
bullet"Career in C Major"
bullet"The Embezzler"
bullet"Double Indemnity"
bulletPast All Dishonor (Knopf, 1946)
bulletSinful Woman (Avon, 1947)
bulletThe Butterfly (Knopf, 1947)
bulletThe Moth (Knopf, 1948)
bulletThree of Hearts (Robert Hale, 1949)
bulletLove's Lovely Counterfeit
bulletPast All Dishonor
bulletThe Butterfly
bulletJealous Woman (Avon, 1950)
bulletThe Root of His Evil a.k.a. "The Modern Cinderella" (Avon, 1951)
bulletGalatea (Knopf, 1953)
bulletMignon (Dial, 1962)
bulletThe Magician's Wife (Dial, 1965)
bulletCain x 3 (Knopf, 1969)
bulletThe Postman Always Rings Twice
bulletMildred Pierce
bullet"Double Indemnity"
bulletRainbow's End (Mason-Charter, 1975)
bulletThe Institute (Mason-Charter, 1976)
bulletHard Cain (G.K. Hall, 1980)
bulletSinful Woman
bulletJealous Woman
bulletThe Root of His Evil
bulletThe Baby in the Icebox and Other Stories (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1981)
bullet"The Robbery"
bullet"Vanishing Act"
bullet"Joy Ride"
bullet"Queen of Love and Beauty"
bullet"Santa Claus, M.D."
bullet"Gold Letters Hand Painted"
bullet"It Breathed"
bullet"The Hero"
bullet"Theological Interlude"
bullet"The Taking of Montfaucon"
bullet"The Baby in the Icebox"
bullet"Dead Man"
bullet"Brush Fire"
bullet"Coal Black"
bullet"The Girl in the Storm"
bullet"Joy Ride to Glory"
bullet"Money and the Woman" a.k.a. "The Embezzler"

Short Fiction

bullet"Pastorale" (American Mercury, March 1928)
bullet"The Taking of Montfaucon" (American Mercury, June 1929)
bullet"Auld Lang Syne" (The New Yorker, 20 December 1930)
bullet"Gridiron Soliloquies" (The New Yorker, 21 December 1931)
bullet"The Baby in the Icebox" (American Mercury, January 1933)
bullet"Come-back" (Redbook, June 1934)
bullet"Double Indemnity" (serialized in Liberty, 1936)
bullet"Dead Man" (American Mercury, March 1936)
bullet"Hip, Hip, the Hippo" (Redbook, March 1936)
bullet"The Birthday Party" (Ladies' Home Journal, May 1936)
bullet"Brush Fire" (Liberty, 5 December 1936)
bullet"Coal Black" (Liberty, 3 April 1937)
bullet"Everything But the Truth" (Liberty, 17 July 1937)
bullet"Two Can Sing" a.k.a. "Career in C Major" (American, April 1938)
bullet"The Girl in the Storm" (Liberty, 6 January 1940)
bullet"Money and the Woman" (serialized in Liberty, 1940)
bullet"Pay-Off Girl" (Esquire, August 1952)
bullet"Cigarette Girl" (Manhunt, May 1953)
bullet"Two O'Clock Blonde" (Manhunt, August 1953)
bullet"Death on the Beach" (Jack London's Adventure Magazine, October 1958)
bullet"The Visitor" (Esquire, September 1961)

Short Nonfiction

Quite a bit - articles in The Nation, American Mercury, Esquire and other magazines, reporting for the Baltimore Sun, columns in the New York World and for the Hearst Syndicate, and a lot more.


bulletCrashing the Gate (1926)
bulletThe Postman Always Rings Twice (1936)
bullet7-11 (1938)
bulletThe Guest in Room 701 (never produced)


bulletAlgiers (1938, with Ashelbe, Henri La Barthe and John Howard Lawson)
bulletStand Up and Fight (1939, with Harvey Fergusson, Jane Murfin and Forbes Parkhill)
bulletGypsy Wildcat (1944, with Joseph Hoffman, James P. Hogan, Gene Lewis and Ralph Stock)
bulletEverybody Does It (1949, with Nunnally Johnson, from "Two Can Sing")


bulletWife, Husband and Friend (1939, from "Two Can Sing")
bulletWhen Tomorrow Comes (1939, from "The Modern Cinderella")
bulletMoney and the Woman (1940, from story)
bulletOssessione (1942, from The Postman Always Rings Twice)
bulletDouble Indemnity (1944, from novel)
bulletMildred Pierce (1945, from novel)
bulletThe Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
bulletSlightly Scarlet (1956, from Love's Lovely Counterfeit)
bulletSerenade (1956, from novel)
bulletInterlude (1957, from "The Modern Cinderella")
bulletDouble Indemnity (1973, TV, from novel)
bulletThe Postman Always Rings Twice (1981, from novel)
bulletThe Girl in the Cadillac, 1995, from The Enchanted Isle)


bulletHoopes, Roy. Cain (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1982)




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