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Pre-Noir--Film noir from the silent era up to 1940.  The films of Fritz Lang, from Metropolis and M, to Fury are especially featured here, as one of the prime examples of a German Expressionistic director bringing the decadent style of Berlin between the world wars to America.

Classic Noir--A definitive selection of film noir created during the classic period spanning 1941-1958, from The Maltese Falcon to Touch of Evil.  All-star classics directed by Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock, and Orson Welles and lesser known B features directed by Anthony Mann and Ida Lupino, and everything in between.

Neo Noir--The best of film noir created from 1959 to date.  Odds Against Tomorrow, The Manchurian Candidate, Point Blank, Dirty Harry, Body Heat, Reservoir Dog and Pulp Fiction.  Special consideration is given to Quentin Tarentino, the master of post-modern noir.

Femme Fatales--Platinum blondes with hearts like railroad steel, and sultry raven-haired beauties.  Gloria Grahame and Lauren Bacall.  Ida Lupino and Gene Tierney.  Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth.  There's nothing like a dame with a gun.

Tough Guys--Hard guys, bad guys and cackling psychopaths.  Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum could wear a trench coat and wave a gun like no other private eyes.  Richard Widmark and James Cagney could rave and cackle with the best of them.

Directors--A selection of the best noir auteurs, from Fritz Lang to Orson Welles.  Anthony Mann, Ida Lupino and Quentin Tarentino are the among the directors featured here.



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